Unleash your child's creativity!

Is it one of those rainy days where you are all feeling cooped up? Have the kids been acting more like wild animals than children? Art activities for toddlers is a great way to keep them happily amuzed for hours!

Art activities for toddlers can range from large all day affairs to quick little projects. Whether you need to break that toddler tantrum cycle or you yourself need a creative outlet, art activities for toddlers are a great way to pass the time. Some of the more commonly thought of activities are finger painting, coloring, or playing with play dough. Busy Moms make "art activities" tasks around the house that may have needed to be done anyway such as cooking, baking, or cleaning. Art can be made of dough, suds, or sugar. As long as you don't mind the clean up, kids can make anything into art!

If you prefer an Eco friendly project, you can go to home depot and make creative art projects out of dirt, flowers, and water. If cleanliness and organization are important to you as a parent, you can find many projects that have all of the parts and pieces included(and most even come with smocks and table covering) in the crayola isle at Target or Wal-mart.

Finger paints are always a smash hit with toddlers. You can place their hands neatly on a keepsake paper and frame the print forever or simply let them go crazy! Most are washable and easy to remove from accidental smudging on furniture, tables, and clothing. Soft clay can be purchased at any craft store. Toddlers can squish it, throw it, or mold it into anything their little hearts desire. Clay is good for developing motor skills and expanding the imagination. You can buy brands that will harden to preserve their creativity or brands that stay mobile for use and reuse.

Art activities for toddlers can be a great way to bond with your children, let them express their creative side, and, as an added bonus, kids often burn quite a bit of energy while doing art activities which can make for a nice, long, happy nap time for kids and parents alike.

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